Yucky Worms!


Posted by csmith | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 26-05-2017

This term we have been learning all about worms! We found out where they live, what they eat, and why they are so important. At first we were not so keen on worms…now, we don’t think they’re so yucky, after all!

We read the book ‘Yucky Worms’ by the author Vivian French. It taught us lots about worms and what they do. Then we watched a video that showed us how to create our own wormery!

We followed instructions to make our own, adding layers of soil and sand. We collected leaves and twigs and put them on the top. The next job was a bit tricky…we had to find some worms!

After five long days we managed to find eight worms for our wormery! We were fascinated to see the tunnels they made.

Our last job is going to be to release them back into the garden.

Thank you for looking at our FS1 Blog – come again soon!

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