Double, double, toil and trouble…


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We are developing our imaginative and creative skills in FS1 this week! 

A Hallowe’en party!

Come along, if you dare!

Which mask will Jacob choose?

Trick or Treat?!


We dressed ourselves independently! 

Our focus text this week is Whatever Next! by one of our favourite authors, Jill Murphy. Our sand tray has turned into the surface of the moon! Can you see the sparkly moon dust? 

We have been talking about what we can build together…”Shall we do a tower or a choo choo train?” We decided on a traffic jam! 

Oliver and Alfie created a wonderful structure: “It’s a Finding Dory tower…watch out for the Sharks!”

We are also using what we know about malleable materials to be creative at the dough table!

Do you like Maddison’s spider?

Some children have been creating potions in the water tray.

And others, spooky creatures on the Interactive Whiteboard! 

Finally, some children have been teaching their friends!

What a busy first day back!

All the Fun of the Fair!


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The children in FS1 have been getting excited about Hull Fair this week!


All aboard! The children used the large blocks to build a Hull Fair bus. We took it in turns to be the driver.

aut-1-wk-6-cs-1-11-10-16-003 aut-1-wk-6-cs-1-11-10-16-004 aut-1-wk-6-cs-1-11-10-16-005

These children used chalks to create Hull Fair pictures on black paper.

Plenty of excitement and lots to talk about in FS1 this week…watch this space for more!

Busy Bees!


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We have been busy bees in FS1 this week! The children have enjoyed working inside and out in the garden. We have been making and creating, sharing stories, discovering mini-beasts, and yesterday we even celebrated a birthday! Take a look at our photographs to see what we’ve been up to!

Big Clay

We have been working with clay this week.



    Grace made a snake and decorated its back!


 “You have some of mine. We need to share.” Alfie

aut-1-wk-3-cs-1-012     “I’ve done a long tail for Fudgie.” Amelia


     Exploring the texture of the clay.



We have received some wonderful homework this week! These children brought their favourite bedtime stories to share with their friends.

aut-1-wk-3-21-9-16-cs-3-023 aut-1-wk-3-21-9-16-cs-3-024 aut-1-wk-3-21-9-16-cs-3-025 aut-1-wk-3-22-9-16-cs-5-006 aut-1-wk-3-22-9-16-cs-5-008 14-9-16-aut-1-wk-2-cs-3-026 14-9-16-aut-1-wk-2-cs-3-035 childrens-photos-001

Happy Birthday!


We had a birthday in FS1! Tia brought a cake to school. Miss Smith wanted to eat the whole thing, but we had a talk and decided the fairest thing to do would be to share it – everyone enjoyed a piece!


Another wonderful week in FS1! Don’t forget to look at our Twitter feed for regular photos and updates!

Welcome Back!


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Welcome back to another year in FS1! Some of the children have moved on, some have stayed with us, and we are excited to have some new starters who have joined our lovely class!

Here are some photos of the wonderful things we have been doing this week…

12-9-16-aut-1-wk-2-cs-003 12-9-16-aut-1-wk-2-cs-023 12-9-16-aut-1-wk-2-cs-018 14-9-16-aut-1-wk-2-cs-3-031 14-9-16-aut-1-wk-2-cs-3-012 14-9-16-aut-1-wk-2-cs-3-006 8-9-16-aut-1-wk-1-cs-005

Watch this space for more photos and updates on the fantastic learning we do in FS1.